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CrAfT dEsIgNeR JuTe BaG , cRiClE wiTh cOloRfUL pRinTInG JUTe dImEnSiOn 15x16 & wIdth 16 , sAmLl / mInI gIfT bAg, VeRy exCiTig AnD SpecIaL GiFt fOr vAleNtiNes DaY, EaSy To CarrY , sTYLisH LoOk, a TrEnDy JuTe cArrY bAg , eCo fRIeNDlY, 100% BiOdEgRaDaBLe aNd RecyClAblE, RecIsabLE& ecO fRiEnDly, MaDe FrOm nAtUrALs BuRlaP, MoRe uSeFuL tHaN pApEr& nEoPrEnE LuNCh BaG.....;-)
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